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Sottohan is More Fun in the Philippines

It is such a shame that Sottoism is a growing epidemic amongst the citizens of this country. The issue that is getting a lot of publicity right now  is the apparent plagiarism of Mark Joseph Solis, a student from the University of the Philippines to win the Smiles for the World photo contest conceptualised by the Chilean ambassador in Manila Roberto Mayorga . He submitted a photo titled “Neptune, King of the Sea” and was awarded $1,000 and round-trip tickets to Chile and Brazil on September 18 (Chile’s National Day) at the Cultural Centre of the Philippines.

But as soon as he won that contest, a random bloke posted a comment about the feature article claiming the ownership of that photo. The man’s name is Gregory John Smith, a social entrepreneur. He claimed that Solis had stolen the photo from his Flickr site and he stated that he was an impostor. Well, it is quite shocking that U.P had tolerated that dumbass for a long time.


The photo was taken in 2006 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, not Zamboanga as the description of the award winning photo stated. If you look closely, it is apparent that the child has distinct features that can be distinguished as a Latino than a Filipino by looking at the face alone. But damn it, it looks very close to being a Filipino since the complexion is very similar to ours. There is even a theory that most Filipinos are not Asian in origin, but they are more closely related to Latin Americans due to the Galleon Trade which had served as a cultural exchange between the two for over 200 years.

Due to the 333 years of Spanish occupation, we can consider that most of our customs are no different from the rest of the Latinos since both of us were influenced by Spain on most aspects of our everyday life, but the Filipinos had retained their unique Malayo Polynesian and Chinese heritage due to cultural exchanges with other countries before the arrival of the Conquistadores. Back to the topic, that man is a genius due to the fact he did the same thing 5 times with U.P not giving a fuck about his actions since 2011.

It is also stated that he is a member of the legislative staff of Senator Pia Cayetano, according to the website of the International Association of Political Science Students. It is such a shame that several individuals who graduated from this course are incompetent when they are already working in the real world. I am a Political Science student myself, and this is such a big slap in his face for being an idiot which according to his own words he was ‘blinded by money’. Looks like Cayetano has a habit of hiring Idiots on meth to write his speeches and advise her how to handle her job on being a politician.

According to the apology letter of this fucking moron;

22 September 2013


Children at Risk Foundation Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing to you to express my deep remorse and sincerest apologies for claiming your photo as mine. As the rightful owner of the photo, you deserve my initial thoughts and statement about this. Your photo was one of the most heart-warming photos I have ever seen, and I could only wish that I had the ability to capture such moments as well as you did. I kept it as wallpaper in my computer – an enduring reminder of what every amateur photographer should aspire for.

Unfortunately, I was driven by my youth, lack of experience, and the inability to see the repercussions of my actions. The sheer amount of the prize, the stiff competition, and the unique opportunity to be abroad blinded me from undertaking what is supposed to be an honest and a rightful conduct. It was a regrettable lapse on my judgment, and no words can express how sorry I am for taking your photo as mine. I am now in close contact with the organizers, conveyed my apologies, and sought their opinion on the matter and how to proceed from here.

 I am surrendering everything that has been given to me in this competition, actually and virtually, and I take full responsibility for a disgraceful action and a grave moral lapse on my part. This recent turn of events has taught me to become humble, to have foresight, to be sensitive for the works of others, and ultimately, to take responsibility for my action. Again, I am in deep remorse for what I did. I am truly sorry, Sir Gregory.

Very respectfully and sincerely


Well, the damage is irreversible and it shall scar you for life. You have just wasted 4-8 years of your education by doing A very ridiculous act that can be compared to the  stupidity of Tito Sotto last year. What’s next Mark? Will you cry the ‘cyber bully’ card just like the foolish Senator that preceded your stupidity? Another thing that pissed me off is your description of your photo. You stated that;

“The Filipino spirit is waterproof. I thought about several values that we have: social resiliency, guarded optimism, and people feeling happy. Filipinos, even if things get bad, even if we are poor, as long as we are happy, we are OK. That’s Filipino culture. It’s something that’s woven into the socio-cultural fabric of the nation.”

Well the happiness of around 90% of the population can be already classified as a delusion. Waterproof my arse, because of our initial shouting of the slogan “Baha ka lang Pilipino ako”, we can be classified as the Bahana Republic, a nation who cannot even plan and build efficient infrastructure projects to prevent massive flooding since most of the funds are embezzled by the ‘honest’ and ‘down to earth’ politicians.

Several people are always mistaking happiness with pleasure and we can describe that definition by just looking at the delusions of the social classes. This is why I despise most of the individuals from the three classes because of their apparent defects. The lower class is contented on bread and circuses, a lot of the middle class are oblivious to their surroundings and the upper class are contented to continue their lavish lifestyles. This is why the so called ‘Million People March’ shall produce little results since it is very laughable that it is only this year that a lot of the individuals of upper middle class background discovered that the government is fucking with them for over 35 years under the delusions of ‘democracy’.

The majority of the clergy had joined the demonstration out of pursuing political power since the oligarchy is infighting amongst themselves and the equilibrium of the State, the clergy and the military is now fragile. Combined with our apparent social and cultural dysfunctions, this is a country which struggles to move from its mediaeval past to the modern world, but it still lingers on the former than the latter.

This is now the state of our education folks. Our schools’ quality is deteriorating that it can tolerate Solis and other individuals who possess his apparent foolishness to wander around U.P. It looks like even the country’s premier university is not an exemption from the crumbling down of our education system. The educational system in this country is already a breeding ground for vultures and idiots due to the outdated curricula, the lack of proper maintenance and overhaul of facilities and the lack of budget due to the apparent incompetence of the state since we can consider our bureaucracy as a ‘den of thieves and monkeys’.

This country is almost a hopeless case. The Philippine society is on the brink of its sanity and at any moment, the citizens can destroy themselves in the process. The history of humanity is a tragedy, a cycle of despair, delusion and destruction. The world is not a bright place of cotton candies and flowers; these are nothing but illusions. The Filipino culture is rotten to its core that it tolerates the current social cancer to ravage the future generations and mold them into idiots.

When will we make a stand to save ourselves from our impending doom? We let this current society flourish due to our inaction and our delusions. The Philippines is now a powder keg that can explode at any moment. The time to change this country is running out. This is our last dance, this is ourselves. You can read more about the story at Rappler and do not forget to check the comments.

Apparently the fucker did the same action 5 fucking times. That’s what you call a ‘certified epic fail moron’. Well your excuse in your apology letter is not valid since you did the same act 5 times. What kind of motherfucker are you? You have just ruined your reputation big time, but I am quite impressed that he admitted that he committed intellectual dishonesty unlike the bloke who preceded him. The masses may forget you due to their trait of having a short attention span, but your colleagues will not forget your stupidity.

You deserve the current mudslinging of your face since you didn’t think of the apparent consequences of your actions. This is the future leader of our country and the youth, a dumbass who does not deserve his acclaim over U.P.  If I am you, I shall flee to Europe, change my name and pay large sums of money for plastic surgery to start as a new man to begin your quest of redemption. This is SHAMEFUR DISPRAY!


4 comments on “Sottohan is More Fun in the Philippines

  1. tehaz
    September 23, 2013

    Reblogged this on adventuresinpowercity.

  2. Dave
    September 23, 2013

    What a scumbag! I went on an epic image search last year and found my travel photos being used by a bunch of travel agents, tourism boards and other companies too cheap to hire their own photographers, and I’m just an unprofessional taking lo-fi photos with the cheapest camera I could buy. I imagine it’d be a lot worse if I had talent.

    I always enjoy reading this site, it’s refreshing to read intelligent and practical criticism of the country I’m living in now, rather than another site of illiterate and racist ex-pats.

  3. Ra
    September 26, 2013

    pinoys are such insecure pathetic dodongs hungry, greedy, for attention, acclaim, recognition

  4. Dave
    October 3, 2013

    ^ Yeah, that’s the sort of comment I was talking about.

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