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Bullying, Reforming Humanity and Virtue

This is only a short article that I will write in order to exercise my brain for a while. Every single one of us is familiar with the term ‘bullying‘, and perhaps everyone of us have experienced a degree of bullying on our lifetime. The common definition of bullying is the use of force or threat to intimidate or harm an individual and take away his liberties. The question on how to deal with bullying is quite complicated: the solutions are not easy as it seem. I am talking more about school bullying, since it is the most common form that I commonly observe in our society.

The issue of bullying is a wide topic of debate in all circles but let us look quite deeper into the issue. The world is a very good example of how bullying works, this is why the concept of war is impossible to remove since human nature, like all other species always want to dominate over the other. Just like the social classes, it is composed of the high, the middle and low. Even if you will wage constant revolutions. the natural order will be still the same.

I am a student who is bullied for over 2 years during his HS days (2nd Year and 3rd Year), and I have in fact experienced hell on earth. Fortunately, this bullying by some idiots have influenced my current thinking about the world, humanity and everything in general. The world is not a bright place or even a cotton candy, those kinds of people who constantly say that are morons who are contented to sit on their ivory towers. It is also a common phenomenon that those who are bullied, if most of them will attain a natural psychological defence mechanism to defend themselves, thus they can already stand up for their honour.

I vehemently opposed the current anti bullying law since it is laughable from the start. Our country is pathetic from the start to begin with. The Constitution, while generally a very modern one is a joke. Its provisions are generally useless since Filipinos are generally poor on the implementation of laws and its general provisions. Those people who have narrow minded views will see black and white since they are adherents to moral absolutism, which is nonsense.

The problem of bullying is a problem of humanity in general. The law of the survival of the fittest: the strong will live and the weak shall die. This is often a brutal nature of humanity throughout its whole existence. There will be the oppressed and the oppressors, an endless cycle of revenge and perpetual conflict. History is a compilation of this tragedy. According to the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau in his book The Social Contract, man’s increased liberty will bring increased invirtue, thus it will drag him closer to his natural state.

This is also explained by Thomas Hobbes as bellum omnium contra omnes or the war of all against all. According to him, this is the basic stage of humanity if there will be no authority, this is when the principle of the social contract will enter the scene. In theory, it will ensure stability in exchange for certain freedoms, but in practice the authority itself will become repressive as time goes by, thus rendering it illegitimate and must be dismantled.

This is why I want to discuss this issue. This issue will not be solved by idealistic means, each individual must think for himself. They must ask themselves two questions: Is humanity worth saving and if humanity can be reformed? You may have probably seen the impact of the Reign of Terror, the attempt by the Jacobins to turn each French citizen to embrace the concept of ‘virtue’ regardless of the costs of attaining it.

The general truths in this world in my perspective is that humanity is left tointerpret his actions or his basic understanding of the definition of words and the truth that ideology exists everywhere. In one of  my articles, I asked a question if you prefer to take the red pill or the blue pill. Humanity must decide its future, to eradicate his impurities and this problem must require the extensive modification of human nature itself.

Do we need an iron hand to guide us or is this problem must be left for ourselves to decide? Do we need a revolution to implement the process of reformation? This is a crisis of the present and the future, the next stage of human evolution lies upon it. I will end this article with a quote from Taylor Dunham from Fight Club:

“Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.”

Indeed, we are not generally unique, we are all the same decaying matter and our true fate is death.


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