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The Political System is a Joke

We’ve had vicious kings, and we’ve had idiot kings…but I don’t know if we’ve ever been cursed with a vicious idiot for a king!

-Tyrion Lannister

It is nice to be back after a long break on my blog. So have you voted for your favourite candidate during the barangay elections? Whether you voted or not, nothing really matters. It made no difference, incompetence starts at the village level. Some would argue that it is our right to vote, but the current system in the Philippines is a joke. We suck at representative democracy, and we suck more on direct democracy.

The country is in the midst of a crisis as countless allegations revealed to the wider population. It just strengthens the idea that the flaws of the governmental system are being shown in the current state of our pathetic society. The pork barrel scam has been expanded into numerous scandals that the government is trying hard to find a scapegoat in order to find someone to blame for this catastrophe. Many already know that they cannot trust most of the politicians.

José Pimentel Ejército, Jr, an actor turned Senator is facing numerous charges of embezzlement alongside with most of the members of the Senate including Ferdinand Marcos Jr. It turned out that these men have allocated most of the funds to bogus organisations which claimed to help the intended recipients of the projects. In an effort to bring down individuals with him, Estrada revealed in his speech last week that the President had used the funds of the Disbursement Acceleration Program to bribe most members of the legislature to convict now former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

I already knew that the trial of Corona, one of the ‘achievements’ that the Aquino administration have constantly boasted in the international press was merely a show trial. The ‘prosecution’ led by Neil Tupas were very incompetent and they cannot even present legitimate accusations against the accused. Some said that had Corona did not walked out during his trial, the verdict might be even split amongst the senator-judges, leaving it inconclusive.

But we know that the current administration is on the rampage of removing its political enemies in an effort to consolidate their power over the country. It was in short a scripted trial to solidify the ‘straight-path’ program of the President. The media is biased at the eve of trials including Raissa Robles and Conrado De Quiros, who have become the PR men of the President to use demagoguery to force the verdict that Corona is guilty.

I laughed at the idiots who thought that it by removing Corona, it had removed massive corruption of the judiciary, but it didn’t. In fact the Corona trial was made to satisfy the short attention span of the majority.  It looks like the President didn’t even bothered to watch his words. He still blames former President Gloria Arroyo for their shortcomings, even if his blame game is very pointless from the start. Indeed, the Corona trial had opened the Pandora’s box of the Philippine government and exposed it to the public by the mainstream media.

Just like when the so called ‘Coalition of the Willing’ invaded Iraq under the pretense that it had a nuclear weapons program which ended the political careers of Bush and Blair when it was revealed as bullshit, the current fiasco in our bureaucracy is a proof that it is illegitimate. What shall we do? A people’s initiative? Are you mad, the President has already spoken against it.

Out of all the legal methods to change the political system, the concept of People’s Initiative is very ridiculous in the first place. Like all methods to amend the Constitution, it is doomed to fail. In fact, all of the methods are impossible and they are intentionally made by the current ruling class to prevent peaceful revolutions to challenge their arrogance.

With the current scandals, the slow response of the national government in the Bohol crisis and the overall incompetence of the executive, legislative and the judiciary, our country is doomed to explode since it is already a ticking time bomb. Those who still expect for our system to mature are narrow minded, there is almost no hope to reform this system by peaceful means.

Everyone is a suspect for our current catastrophe. The Million People March was a joke, a feel good protest by feel good individuals which deluded themselves that parking at a park without the use of pressure will lead to the abolition of the pork barrel. The bishops had joined these ‘activists’ to advance their own interests. The flaw of these protesters is most of them are hedonists, they are stuck in their ivory towers.

It looks like the system has already lost its self evidence, automatic legitimacy or its justification to keep the social order, the field is currently open to fill the vacuum. The question is, will it be a new tragedy or even a full blown revolution? A revolution today is practically impossible, and as long it will remain impossible to achieve, our country is facing an uncertainty that can either keep or change its overall destiny.

You can read a similar article from Get Real Philippines: http://http://getrealphilippines.com/blog/2013/10/everyone-who-followed-president-noynoy-aquino-are-now-either-badly-burned-or-look-like-idiots/


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